TSC-TTP 244 pro
Barcode printer

TSC TTP-244 Pro Desktop Printer


A Barcode printer is a machine that is designed to create a variety of Barcode labels and these labels are used in small businesses and industries.

What are thermal transfer barcode printers?

It is used for a thermal print head and to transfer a substantial ink from a ribbon to a label for a permanent print.

The ribbon is usually made from wax, resin, or a combination of wax and resin and it is fixed to the label supply surface with heat and pressure.


TSC TTP-244 Pro Desktop Printer

TSC is the fastest-growing company in the Auto-ID industry.

When it comes to Desktop Printers.

I generally prefer the most popular TSC TTP- 244 pro barcode printer for operating daily activity because this product is an ideal choice for you.

These are the features that everybody wants in their Barcode printer.

The popular TTP-244 pro thermal transfer printer offers the most powerful processor. when it comes to memory, it is much better than other barcode printers.

It has internal scalable true type fonts and provides the most popular barcode printer language in a small package. The Thermal transfer printer -244 Pro is 25% faster. You can directly buy from labelkart.

It offers the largest media and ribbon capacities, easily handles a 300-meter ribbon and a full 8-inch OD roll of labels.

It has the fastest  5 inches per second printing speed, along with the largest memory capacity.

The TTP-244 Pro easily outperforms the competition.

With its small, compact footprint and dual-motor design, the TTP-244 Pro is perfect for a wide variety of label printers.

  • It also provides its customers with free bundled labeling software & Windows drivers.
  • TSC-TTP 244 pro has a one-year warranty card.

 Conclusion :

There are a variety of barcode printers in the market.

I generally prefer  TSC TTP-244 Pro uses for barcode printing because it is durable and versatile in nature.

It required less maintenance cost.



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