Kingston 8GB PC3L 1600MHz Laptop RAM


8GB DDR3 RAM for Laptops

The Kingston 8GB RAM module is a specially designed memory module for your laptops. The RAM is compatible with different laptops and offers an enhanced performance to your device. The Kingston 8GB RAM module is designed to consume less power and provide you with high quality performance in day to day laptop usage and in running games and applications that require a power intensive hardware. The module is an 8GB RAM module of 1600MHz frequency and DDR3 technology. The RAM module comes with a lifetime of warranty and free technical support from the company which you can avail easily from any of the device’s service centres.

Fast & ResponsiveThe 8GB RAM module is designed to add to the overall performance of your laptop. The module is compatible with laptops and can be easily installed on your laptop’s motherboards. You can install the RAM on laptops that run a 64Bit OS. With the 8GB of added RAM on your laptop you can easily run games and applications that require more processing power. The device will add 8GB of RAM to the already available RAM in your laptop if your device supports two dedicated RAM slots. You can also use the RAM module as a replacement or an increase in the capacity of your current RAM. The module uses 8 memory chips that provide a fast response speed giving you a smooth laptop interface. The module is built on a new and improved architecture that improves the quality of the connection and increases data transfer speeds between your laptop and the motherboard. The module has been designed and extensively tested in the factories of the manufacturers for compatibility and performance.

Enhanced Performance and CompatibiltyThe Kingston DDR3 8GB Module is compatible with most laptops. However it does require a 64Bit Operating system to run perfectly since 32Bit systems do not support more than 4GB memory. With the 8GB module you can improve the performance of you laptop. The added memory helps you perform after and smoothness multitasking. The module adds the much needed power to run intensive games and applications at the same time. Enhanced multitasking, added support for more softwares, smoother interface, and overall improved experience on your laptop. The RAM module uses a DDR3 architecture that is much faster and consumes low voltage making the RAM not only extremely powerful but also power saving enough. The Kingston 8GB RAM module not only adds to the performance but is also designed to conserve power.

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Kingston 8GB PC3L 1600MHz Laptop RAM (KVR16LS118)

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