What is an Industrial Printers

What is an Industrial Printer

These are the most common type of printers used in the market area and they can work in direct thermal and chromo labels.

Direct thermal and thermal transfer printers are the most popular. Ink ribbons are used to melt the printing image onto the label after they are placed into the printer. Zebra is a well-known barcode printer maker.

Barcode printers have a lot of functionality that regular computer printers don’t have. For example, barcode printers have automated numerators that ensure that each label is printed with a predefined higher or lower number in the appropriate series. A date offset choice is also available, which is particularly useful in the packaging industry. This happens on its own.

Inkjet printers are ideal for labelings more difficult materials such as wood or metal. A broad variety of commercial barcode printers are available to meet all requirements. Printers are designed such that ink dries quickly, resulting in consistently well-defined and concise codes.

Drop-On-Demand Technology for Industrial Barcode Printers

Complex coding can be done with larger Drop-On-Demand Inkjet printers for more professional systems. Drop-On-Demand uses the exact amount of ink used, as opposed to more traditional Inkjet technologies. Customers may choose from Windows-based, high-speed, or standard systems that allow them to label objects of various mat types.

Thermal Inkjet:

Cartouches containing miniature, electrically heated chambers are used in thermal Inkjet industrial barcode printers. The printer sends a rapid pulse through the thermal chamber creating a vapor bubble that presses the ink drop through the nozzle. The surface tension of the ink bubble and the contraction of the vapor bubble take ink that hasn’t been used out.